The Biophilia Hyphothesis and its Implications for Overall Health

( Mental & Physical Health)

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There's hope from the academic field to actually apply study to help health for the poor in USA. Exhaust fumes at poors homes at areas near to highways.

HEALTH requires cleaner surrounding, hence, nature urban design applications

This sheds light on urban poor as case to aid health at sight of impact along highways via enviro based urban design for clean air.


-------------------Word Matters of Material Charge--------------





Interest toward a submission to "The Gatherings" regarding casual group hobby/activity in nature surround lends kindness into human-nature, sense of community, increase in cooperative collaborative efforts.

For manuscript toward nature lending into human kindness:

1: "free range play" needed for adults too is my thought.


2: Need source saying science says hands-on experience teaches "best" for the foundation of the manuscript of my experiential "data."

3: Need an article source of how sense of community is built:



Of interest to how the spirit/mind's third eye relates to the physical eye.

The position of pineal gland scientifically has the makings of an actual eye & also affects natural chemical releases.  In turn, exposure to certain things can decrease its functionality.


Posture of society across generations.

The link below may be toward discussion to the need for cross generational activity as a source to both childhood development as well a offering a sense of worth and respect to elderly which is not common in the USA culture.  Children, of course, also bring youthful spirits to the elderly toward a healing of isolation depression.


RE: Anxiety can change THREAT PERCEPTION (Much more here than a lone person's reputation.  Very telling of an overstressed society.)

Posture of brain muscle is also as one postures the muscle of a musculature.


Therefore, can blood pressure be watched in those such as stressed cops via a monitor? Peaks mean agitation, and if they are simply driving to a call and blood pressure is at a spike, this may possibly be indication as a "prediction" of possible bad behavior to the person being approached.

Hence could Dontre Hamilton been saved by such a device for the officer?


Trauma May Be Woven Into DNA of Native Americans

Posture of trauma in the the muscle of a brain.

This is of interest to me because possibly, then, trauma may also have taken hold in DNA of others throughout time.


Just Looking at Nature can help your brain work better, study finds

Washington Post Article link:

Posture of the muscle of a brain is as the body's musculature.

This is of interest for me toward empirical data for manuscripts in the works as well as offering nature art for an eco-therapy type design inside homes of elderly, hospitals of mental health wards, and one's own home.  Studies have also shown that abstract images as wall decor are more often "attacked" in mental health wards by those irritated, but I do not have that link here.


NPR with audio: Lost Postures: Why some indigenous cultures may not have back pain.

Posture is also as one postures the muscle of a brain.

This is of interest to me due to feeling the indigenous and elders hold valuable knowledge of experience that may be harvested as true empirical data of study. Personally, I feel the mattress is the reason we in the USA lose posture more quickly. Luxury actually "teaches" us out of knowledge just as the muscle memory of this article.  Posture is also as one postures the muscle of a brain. In that, also I believe the indigenous and elders among U.S. have much to offer.


SF Gate: How posture influences mood energy, and thoughts.

Posture is also as one postures the muscle of a brain.

This is of interest to me, because I feel health insurance in the USA must cover therapies of healing that are not now being covered, and as the health care system's first measure of aid rather than pharmaceuticals, especially for mental health of mood.


WAOW: Wheelchair allows people with disabilities to explore outdoors.

Posture of body helps posture the muscle of a brain.

This is of interest as an essential need will be known toward outdoors, of health, and as insurance must cover.