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February 12, 2014

Subject of Quote:

The worst thing about having a bipolar condition:

As quoted and by permission from discussion with Michelle Lynd Ricapito

(diagnosed as having bipolar condition)

        “… the issue of people walking away [is the worst thing of having

       bipolar condition]…I have been left with no local friends! It is painful

       and lonely.  People without bipolar do not understand how we feel on

       the inside, don’t understand the mood swings…I have been called so

       many names because of how my mood can so drastically change…” 

                            ~Michelle Lynd Ricapito


Here’s the Thing

~ A. Clark

muscles drained from aching

still too weak for reaching

though I continue longingly

my arms tremble in pleas

toward pulling forth

to bring calmness into sighs

a steady pulse to touch

retreat not into shadows

in some blind fear of mine

“lest we make mistakes”

any err is worth more

than the  writhe of pain

for either one of us

for all to be better, may we trust

more easily beyond complex

impressions of many moods

too many left unattended

remain untamed

walk back to me often

if only occasionally

in time feet taken in small steps

egg shells will sweep away

as I stuck them to your feet

however unintentionally

I do try to pave a path

smoother for you

and back to me

both going with the flow

however vulnerable

with faith on the fly

held enough together

as two feathers calmer

swishing upon winds

knowing they may shift

but trusting this motion

slowly knowing very well

we can both keep going



I wrote the above poem towards how one feels as within a bipolar

condition, and as I have experienced in the past. 

However, I am presently very fortunate to have a large network of very

dear friends and family. 

I say this not only as health/wellness support for me.  

I am simply so fortunate to have all of these wonderful people in my life!

On that note,

I would say that pain most certainly is not condition-specific.

Pain is human, and we are all human after all.