Shelley touched me tonight 2: To a Skylark

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  A Good Read! 

  From my Favorite Poetry Book, which I found in my parents' own attic.

   English Poetry: It's Principles and Progress

   an English Poetry School Textbook with "Representative Master Pieces from 1390-1917 and with Notes"

                   The MacMillan Company: London: MacMillan & Co., LTD,


                                                    Gayle Young Kurtz Revised & Enlarged Edition


Tonight, Feb 15, 2014: 

I revisit Shelley's "To a Skylark" again tonight.

The final lines seem to speak to me.  As having suffered with bipolar depression in the past, I have to admit that I would look at those who seemed always so light hearted, and think such a similar sentiment:

"Teach me half the gladness that thy brain must know, such harmonious madness from my lips would flow, The world should listen then-as I am listening now."

Upon revisiting those lines tonight, I would say this may be why when I "hear" Shelley's melodious words-as a song, my tears flow. 

I believe the tears flow now, because I have been touching upon the subject of bipolar depression within my wordpress blog.  I have been receiving grateful responses from sufferers-those of voices of so many who are not be listened to.


I would respond to them, "I am listening now, and will continue to do so." ~Annette


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