2 Good Reads-2 Books-Old

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A Good Read!  From my Favorite Poetry Book, which I found in my parents' own attic!

  English Poetry: It's Principles and Progress ----For more "P&P" also see my social Blog: 

                                                                                                                        "A Word from a Poet's Desk"


an English Poetry School Textbook with "Representative Master Pieces from 1390-1917 and with Notes"

                   The MacMillan Company: London: MacMillan & Co., LTD,


                                                    Gayle Young Kurtz Revised & Enlarged Edition


It would seem an odd match of two books are open at my fingertips just now.  I was reading Chapter 11-"Environmental Amnesia" in Peter H. Kahn's book "Technological Nature."  This chapter presents "forgotten" faces of a sort, which used to be familiar to humans.  Those of passenger pigeons, and the North American Buffalo.  The author also presents the suggestion that the Highlands of Scotland are one of the most deforested lands in the worlds and that the Scots have virtually no conception of a forest...a forgetting that has crossed generations.



With that, I pulled my time-worn lover to me (as my blog readers would know) and opened to find the poem "The Old Familiar Faces" by Charles Lamb. (1775-1834).


What is the connection?  It would seem both of these ideas touch onto a poem I have been working on this morning.  So, that's all I will say about that, because this poem is in the works!


My tip for the day for budding poets?  Read much, read often, and a wide variety-anything especially the least expected thing you may otherwise pick up. 

Nuance is the essence of poetry-

the song and the echoes.









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