Emerson's, "The Poet"

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I share this poem by Ralph Waldo Emerson


The Poet


To clothe the fiery thought

in simple words succeeds

for still the craft of a genius is

to mask a king with weeds


I'm enjoying Emerson's poetry after years of searching for a kindred soul-of sorts. 

His writing is pastoral= meaning much rural/"common-man" terminology

I believe his writing is considered colloquial=using words as people generally speak them (for instance, not Shakespearian)

BUT, he was a transcendentalist.  That's a movement in the 1800's away from organized religion.  He took it beyond writing.  He lectured on the " All and Everything is god" theory he invented.  It was a rebellion of an early American tired of being dictated to as had been in England with its typical theologies (Christian).  It is a lofty thought. And for my liking, the theory gets too close to saying "I am my own god."  (Which, by the way, is basically what the movie "The Secret" teaches and is subscribed to by Oprah Winfrey, Sally Field and others.)


I don't go into religion specifically with my writing.  I prefer not to.  I like to try to put sensory words into my poems.  That is to say, I like to use words that appeal to the senses of taste, touch, sight, see, and smell.  Those that appeal to the senses are termed, "sensorial."  Therefore, tonight while writing, I decided that's me.  (I wanted a word to separate myself from Emerson's theories-especially after reading his "Ode to Beauty!)  So, my thrust in my writing is sensorialistic.  I'm not sure why I felt I needed a word to describe it except to define my goals in writing a bit more clearly to myself.


I did enjoy seeing two fawn today (well, yesterday...I write overnight.  For one thing my husband sleeps better without me tossing and turning beside him!)  I was feeling low for a couple days, and lo and behold, God brought me my fawns again!  It seems God brings me lovely uplifting things when I need them.  After battling emotional swings for years and years, it is so wonderful to actual FEEL again.  I had very little sensorial experience.  And to top that off, I got to see them with my husband.  The sights I see are much sweeter when I see them with him.  So, here's a little diddy I conjured up for him.  He has lovely smiling deep brown eyes.  He has smile-creases at the outer edge of each eye, and to me they look like if you'd put them together, they would form the shape of a star.

How I Love Thee

a folded parchment paper star

torn through the center crease

tugged to each edge of thine eye

your divine wrinkles smiling

no simple pleasure more sweetly treasured to me



My husband doesn't share a love for poetry or words that I do.  He's a common-sense salt-of-the-earth type guy...that and an eternal optimist- exactly the reasons I love him so much. 



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