Photographing the Photographer

April 14, 2013

Note: I will be publishing a blog and video on Youtube in the upcoming weeks from a recent photoshoot we journeyed on at a place I call "Mystic Marsh."  Subscribe to See this Blog, or friend Kristen Westlake on Facebook  (or see her work and more at

Photographing the Photographer: About my gallery, "Capturing Kristen Westlake."

My good friend Kristen Westlake is a Fine Art Photographer.  When she is visiting this area, we often go out on photo-shoots together.  Rather than shoot photos of scenery I most often find myself photographing the photographer!  As I see an artist work, with that spark of inspiration and diligence in creating images, I find a breath of inspiration through them. I feel I must capture that inspiration for myself, to sustain myself until another outing, and to also share that inspiration to others. 

Here, Kristen was in all such contorted poses while never realizing I was photographing her!  She gets so incredibly focused in a rare light hearted way.  She does not snap away grabbing up what she can. Kristen looks, watches, contemplates, and she does something many artists do not do while they create: she smiles.  For such reasons, I enjoy photographing her.  You can see her process at my gallery "Capturing Kristen Westlake" at

See her at work, setting up the shots she took on the ice: :

See her at work, on a Christmas Eve-day photoshoot:

You can see my photo art of photographers in general, many Kristen Westlake!: