Capturing Kristen Westlake, Fine Art Photographer. (photoshoot 4-13-2013)

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Update: video on location with a hint of discussion from Kristen:


Capturing Kristen Westlake, Fine Art Photographer, 4/13/2013

Kristen Westlake, Fine Art Photographer, is the best of friends in every sense of the word.  She coaxed me out and about again yesterday to take photos.  I took her to a place I call "Mystic Marsh."  Lo and behold, she said she had stumbled on that area just recently and had made a mental note to go back there to photograph!  It was a joy to see-she as captivated by the surroundings as me.   

(Kristen found a spot she liked, while I found my own!  Usually photos of her!)

I showed her interests of photos to me, yet she gravitated elsewhere.  We can be in the same location, but get totally lost in ourselves and our own visions.


After some time, the unseasonally cold weather drove us into her car to warm up.  We so naturally talked about artists and their work.  While we did so, it dawned on me that we sounded like a documentary.  I set up the camea for video then, for documenting a portion of our discussion.  How I wish we'd had it on all along!  I will be setting that clip to video and post it to Youtube later this week.  You can watch for it on Kristen's Facebook page.  In the meantime, I have two other videos up casually documenting her.


In the first link, it is silent, to show you a Fine Artist at work.  Kristen does not go out and "shoot up" the landscape, unlike the many self-proclaimed photographers today. (Including myself!)  Whatever her vision, she takes time to connect first.  It seems she is drawn into her vision.  I deliberately left the following video silent to show this...she becomes so captivated that all else falls away.

The second is a video documenting Kristen at work on another photoshoot we shared on Christmas eve day, 2012.  It includes some of the images she captured.


Finally, my web site slideshow "Capturing Kristen" is ever-evolving as we journey out together.  I deliberately use my candid shots of her rather than my artistic interpretation.  I do this in order to shift the focus to her and her visions, and the images she composes so gracefully.  (I also do many artistic interpretations of her because she is a willing model!)


I will follow this blog with another, including some of the conversation we enjoyed off-camera yesterday via a link to the video.  Coming soon!

See Kristen Westlake's Fine Art at


My own vision below:




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