Capturing Kristen Westlake, Fine Art Photographer. Infinity.

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This article comes as a result of her discussion within the video:


Infinity is the word Kristen uses to describe her full body of work and to explain the choice of printing to unframed canvas.  She describes an idea of "point A to point B" as a typical lifestyle as we make a goal and work to achieve it.  Kristen moves within infinity. Her lifestyle cannot be hemmed in.


In many respects, inspiration is her dictator. She must move within inspiration. From the time she wakes up in the morning, as she is moved to work within the day and weeks, months, and years. Her life is not birth through death, but a birth into inspiration and no death to her as long as her work lives on to inspire and move others.


This idea also pertains to developing her product toward sales.  "Point A to Point B" also does not apply in a marketing standpoint.  Sales do not drive artists.  Sales do not drive Kristen. Sales are only a byproduct of her need to share her work with others-work she does so back to others in the form of putting her most private inspiration and vision out there for all to enjoy with her. 

A new video will be coming out shortly and will be posted as an update as an edit within this blog.  

"Long Winding Road at Sunset" by Kristen Westlake can be found at:





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